Tek Tents

You will notice that there is an option for a Liftgate on all Tepui and Overland Pro's Roof Top Tents. The fee for a Tepui Liftgate service is $75 and Overland Pro's is $100

Do I need a Lift Gate service?
A lift-gate is a mechanism used to raise and lower items from the level of the truck to the ground. Freight companies deliver items on a trailer. These particular trailers are designed to load and unload at a loading dock or with a fork-lift.

Residential delivery locations typically do not have a loading dock or fork-lift and the item is usually too heavy to remove from the trailer by hand. In these situations, you will need a lift-gate. It is ideal for deliveries to residential locations. Commercial areas that have access to docks and a Fork-Lift will not need a Liftgate service.

Can I just Pick up the Package from my local Freight Terminal?
Yes. We do not encourage this as the package is quite heavy, but if you are wishing to make a saving on this cost then it is possible to arrange this. You will just need to add a note in comments box that you are prepared to do this when making a purchase.