Tek Tents

We started Tek Tents because we identified a need for a place where the latest in Tent Technology products was put on one website so that customers could choose the best tent that best fitted their needs and budget. 

Being avid outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, particularly in the Overlanding world we wanted a place where the products where we would purchase ourselves would be available to other like minded folk. 

Along the way, we have built a marketplace and community of people who share our love of exploring the outdoors.

We want to be inspiring to people who want to get to those far flung places and connect with nature.


Hallmarks of what made us successful at this:

1. Dedication to customer satisfaction and customer support.... We are available most of the time to answer questions. We are only a Phone call, Chat or Email away.

2. We know people want the best price without compromising quality, that is why we Price Match. It is why we offer FREE Shipping on orders over $99, and also why most of our customers won't be burdened with having to pay tax. 

3. Our website is a platform to find the most suitable tent for your needs. It is trust- worthy enough to have earned a SSL Certificate which eliminates any risk when using your Credit Card