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The TentBox Hard Shell Roof Top Tent is an all-round incredible tent. It’s sleek, sleeps two, and has a super-strong fibreglass shell. Weighing just 142lbs, it will fit on most vehicles.

  • Ladder and memory foam mattress included
  • Easy to install, fixing kit included
  • Delivered within 3-7 days, anywhere in the USA

Please note, when fitting and using your TentBox you must follow the Safety and Fitting instructions.


Dimensions & Weight

  • External Dimensions when closed: L214 x W125 x H30cm / L84.2 x W49.2 x H11.5 inches
  • External Dimensions when open: L214 x W125 x H100 cm / L84.2 x W49.2 x H39.4 inches
  • Internal Dimensions: L210 x W124 x H95cm / L82.6 x W48.8 x H37.4 inches
  • Weight: 70kgs / 155lbs


Vehicle and Installation Requirements
A TentBox Hard Shell will work with pretty much any vehicle set-up. You just need to have two cross bars (the bars that run from the right to left of your vehicle roof), with at least 80cm / 31inches between the front one and the rear one. For a better understanding of how a TentBox Hard Shell roof tent mounts to your roof bars, check our our installation tab.


What about the weight?
A lot of people ask us whether the weight will be ok with their vehicle set-up. The simple answer is, yes! As long as your roof bars, and vehicle roof are rated to support over 70kgs / 155lbs (which most are), there won’t be a problem with the weight.

You may be wondering why you don’t also have to include the weight of the people who will be inside the TentBox, and that is a perfectly sensible question!

Here’s the answer:
Vehicle load ratings are based on ‘dynamic loads’, which is a load rating for when the vehicle is in motion. Therefore the weight of the people inside doesn’t count, as there will only be people inside a TentBox when a vehicle is stationary.

Vehicles can take a vast amount of weight on their roofs when stationary, as all of the weight bears directly down onto the structural steel frame. Remember, roof tents have been around for decades and have been used on all sorts of vehicles, MINI has even released a version of their own, and MINI’s are tiny!

Materials and Specifications

Outer hard-shell material:
The upper and lower shell of the TentBox Hard Shell roof tent is made from reinforced fibreglass. There is even an aluminium plate fixed to the bottom piece to increase its strength and rigidity. The beauty of having the roof made from fibreglass is that it is completely impermeable and rainwater runs straight off it and away from the fabric walls.

Fabric Material:
The fabric walls of the TentBox Hard Shell are made from a 320gsm rip-stop poly-cotton canvas, with an external PU coating. What that means is the walls of the TentBox are waterproof, breathable, rip-resistant, and thicker than a regular tent. The thicker material adds strength, insulation, and blocks out some of the sunlight for those mornings where you just want to stay in bed! This material can be re-proofed, using any standard canvas re-proofer. We recommend the Fabsil brand.

Opening Mechanism:
The TentBox Hard Shell opens and closes using Air-Assisted struts. This means that as soon as the locking straps are released, it will self-erect almost instantly. Pulling it down is just as simple, and can be done in 30 seconds, using the provided handles. Once you’ve got the technique dialled, you’ll be able to do it in even less time!

The mattress is made from high-density memory foam, and for that reason is extremely comfortable. The mattress is 4 inches thick and comes with a removable, washable cover.

Insulation and lining:
The TentBox Hard Shell roof tent is lined with an extremely soft flannel, which gives it a really cosy feeling, and is further insulated with sponge.

Pockets and Storage:
The TentBox Hard Shell comes with plenty of storage options. There is a large overhead net, perfect for putting fairy lights and storing clothes, amongst other things. There are also two double hanging pockets on either side, next to your head, which are ideal for storing things like keys, phones, wallets and books. On top of this there are also a couple of metal hooks, which are great for hanging jackets, caps and lights, etc.

The TentBox Hard Shell has a one large panoramic window at the front, and one at the back. Both of these windows have a permanent fly screen and a canvas flap, which can be zipped open or closed. These windows give a fantastic view of your surroundings, and also provide great airflow when opened up.

There are two doors on the TentBox Hard Shell, one on each side. Both doors can be rolled up when unzipped, and have additional fly-screens. The ladder can be used to access the roof tent through either door.

The ladder is made of aluminium and slides to the required height. The maximum height of the ladder is 230cm / 90.5inches. The ladder can be used to gain entry to the TentBox using either of the side doors.

Locking Mechanism:
The TentBox Hard Shell is held shut using an extra-safe 8-point system. This consists of 4x hardwearing rubber ‘ski-boot’ style ratchet straps, and 4x ‘buckle and webbing’ straps. There is one of each type of strap at each corner of the TentBox. Although that sounds like a lot of straps, it still only takes about 30 seconds to get them undone as the rubber straps have a quick release!


Warranty, Repairs and Returns

At TentBox we offer a 1-year manufactures warranty on all roof top tents. We will repair or replace any damage or faults that arise due to a manufacturing defect. This warranty does not cover damage caused by the user. The warranty is only valid if the safety and fitting instructions are followed properly. If you're out of warranty, we'll still help, see below!

At the TentBox workshop, we have tonnes of spare parts, and pretty much everything on the TentBox is inter-changeable, so even if a TentBox is out of warranty, or has been damaged by a user, we will help you get it fixed as quickly and as affordably as possible. Check out our store for a list of spare parts and prices.

Although it is rare, we do accept returns, as long as the TentBox is in an unused condition, and packaged in the same way it arrived. It is up to the customer to arrange and pay for return shipping. Get in touch with us if you would like to return your TentBox and we will give you a delivery address.

It is important to note that Roof Top Tents are posted via freight companies. They generally are larger types of packages and are loaded on pallets.

Order Confirmation:
When your order has been placed you will receive an email. This confirms an order has been made and that the order has entered our order processing system and your Credit Card has been pre-authorized for the purchase.

Order Shipment:
Order shipment is typically with 24-48 hours of making the purchase which is when you will receive a shipping confirmation email which contains the tracking number and shipping time is typically 3-5 days.

It is important to inspect the item the moment it arrives. As most Tents are frieght they are relatively large and heavy. It is important to check it for possible damage. It is important that if any damage is noticed it is logged with the courier company when signing for delivery, photographed, and relayed back to us.

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A TentBox will fit on most vehicles, as long as you have two cross bars which are at least 80cm apart (cross bars are the ones that run from the right to left of your vehicle, as shown in the diagram below).

1. The fixing kit: 8x plates, 8x bolts, 8x nuts, 1x spanner. Check you have all the parts.

2. Slide the bolts into the plate as shown, then slide the plate into the rail.

3. Continue pushing the plate along the rail until you reach the cross bar.

4. Apply another plate to clamp the TentBox to the roof bar, using the nuts provided. Repeat this 3 more times around your vehicle.

You can get cross bars for pretty much any vehicle. If you don’t have cross bars, you can find the right ones by entering your vehicle make and model here. Make sure they are rated to carry the weight of the TentBox model you are buying.

A TentBox will fit on most vehicles, as long as you have two cross bars which are at least 80cm apart (cross bars are the ones that run from the right to left of your vehicle, as shown in the diagram below).

You can get cross bars for pretty much any vehicle. If you don’t have cross bars, you can find the right ones by entering your vehicle make and model here. Make sure they are rated to carry the weight of the TentBox model you are buying.

Take a closer look at our fitting instructions PDF file here >